Welcome to D-MOB

We run the night, one hour at a time.

It’s our thing.

Long ago, The Sicilian Mafia affectionately called their brotherhood La Cosa Nostra, which can be translated from Italian to mean “It’s our thing.” Sharing a common organizational structure and code of conduct, each member of the Mafia is known as family.

At D-MOB, we value the ties that bind us and subscribe to the same principles of loyalty, honesty and respect.

And now, you can be one of us.

Located at Jalan Sunset Road 105X, D-MOB is Bali’s first mobster-themed hostel, and it offers you an experience unlike any other.

Pay for only what you need

A good mobster knows what he wants. Use what you need at your convenience, and no commitment is required for services you don’t need.

Upon checking in for a full night, you will receive a suitcase containing the essentials for your stay. Should you require more, you can always head over to the amenities bar which is readily stocked up with all your additional needs.

An offer you can’t refuse – $1 an hour

Staying true to the “use-only-what-you-need” concept, your stay in D-MOB can also charged by the hour. This means that you do not need to pay for full night accommodation if you don’t plan to stay for the entire night. Rates will be based on IDR 10,000/hr or IDR 150,000/night.

There are two types of accommodation that you can choose from. If you prefer going solo, the MOBSTER (a single bed in a shared bunk setting) will be great. For partners in crime, you may want to consider the MOB BOSS (private room for two) to hatch your plans in secrecy.

Ready to join the heist? To book a stay or find out more, visit staydmob.com.

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