Mobster Must-tries Part 1: Babi Guling & Nasi Campur

If there’s something you should know about us mobsters, it’s that we love a good time, especially if it involves an abundance of great food. And at D-MOB, we’re surrounded by all the best that Bali has to offer. Exotic, intense, aromatic and distinctly rich, Balinese cuisine is as varied and exciting as the mobsters who come to share their time in Bali with us.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of specialties that we highly recommend for food-loving mobsters like us. Here’s the first installment of that yummy list:

Babi Guling

In Bali, the Babi Guling is the star of many important celebrations. But because we’re mobsters, we don’t need to wait for a house blessing, wedding reception or birthday party to enjoy it. One of Bali’s most famous Babi Guling joints, Babi Guling Pak Malen is just a few steps away from D-MOB – 100 meters to be exact. A warung-style restaurant, each serving comes with delectable Babi Guling meat and crispy skin, steamed rice, sambal and a special spicy soup on the side. Satisfying and affordable, Babi Guling is something we always look forward to.

Nasi Campur

Nasi or rice is a staple in Balinese cuisine. Nasi Campur is one of the most famous ways to serve it. Typically composed of chicken satay, beef rendang, vegetables, egg, a tempeh dish, peanuts, plus an assortment of sambals, it’s literally a little bit of everything in one abundant plate. One of the most famous places in Seminyak for Nasi Campur (walking distance from D-MOB) is Made’s Warung. There are also warungs that let you pick and choose the dishes you want to include in your plate. Being everyone’s favourite, Nasi Campur can be found all over Bali. If you’re up for it, you can join our mobster mission to conquer them all!

For Part 2, we’ll tell you about the smoked, the fried and the spicy. Watch this space!

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