Mobster Must-tries Part 2: Bebek Betutu, Mie Goreng & Sambal

Every self-respecting mobster knows just how sacred togetherness is and that sharing the best food during these special moments is equally important. At D-MOB, we know just what to partake of and where to get them. Welcome to the 2nd instalment of Mobster Must-tries, our list of distinctly Balinese goodies.

Bebek Betutu

Perhaps no other dish can rival the flavour and richness of Bebek Betutu. Massaged with coconut oil, lathered with local seasonings and carefully enveloped in coconut tree bark, the flavour-packed duck is smoked for 24 hours. The result is soft and aromatic duck meat that will surely make any mobster’s mouth water. Bebek Betutu is typically served with rice, sambal and various vegetable dishes on the side. Lucky for us, a wonderful place for Bebek Betutu is only a stone’s throw away from D-MOB. Hop on over to Warung Muslim ayam dan bebek betutu to get your fill.

Mie Goreng

Being mobsters, we’ve never met noodles that we didn’t take a particular interest in. While pasta is a staple, its Balinese incarnation is just as delightful. Mie Goreng (fried noodles) is comfort food at its finest. In fact, we could it enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in between meals after a riding some waves at the beach. Take fried noodles as base, top with sunny side up egg, dried shallots, veggies, some pickled sides and finish off with a stick or two of chicken satay and you have a plate-full of joy in your hands. Mie Goreng can be found almost everywhere in Bali. From D-MOB, you can walk along Sunset Road and spot a few warungs that serve this dish. Or you can walk leisurely for about 10 minutes to Made’s Warung and try their version.


Indonesia is famous for its sambal as much as it is famous for its many islands. And for us who love the island of Bali, Sambal Matah is the bomb. Finely chopped shallots, garlic, chili, lemongrass and lime, gingerly mixed together then sautéed in an aromatic infusion of oil, salt, sugar and shrimp paste… Nothing in the world is quite like it. Sambal Matah is the exclamation mark in every fried fish or chicken dish. As true mobsters, we are brave enough for Sambal Matah. Are you? Try it at Warung Cahaya in Seminyak, just a few minutes drive from D-MOB. 

Get your mobster on and don’t leave Bali without sampling the best flavours this side of the world has to offer. Mari makan!

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